Barcode Suppliers

Reitec LLC (Japan) oversees Barcode Savers storefronts in the following Zones: Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and Africa. Suppliers marked with an asterisk (*) are managed by Reitec Pty Ltd (Australia).

Barcode Savers provides small businesses with an affordable alternative to direct GS1 membership. We supply globally unique barcode numbers (GTINs) and a range of supplementary supply chain services to businesses worldwide. The first Barcode Savers site was launched in 2012.

Please refer to the below list for our current available storefronts of the Reitec Global Barcode Network (RGBN).


Barcode Savers South Africa –


Barcode Savers Hong Kong –

Barcode Savers India –

India Barcodes –*

Barcode Savers Malaysia –

Barcode Savers Philippines –


Ahorra En las Barras –

Códigos de Barras España –*

Barcode Savers UK –

Barcode Bird –*

North America

Barcode Savers –

Barcode Bird –

Barcode Savers Mexico –

South America

Ahorra En las Barras Columbia –


Barcode Savers New Zealand –*

Oz Barcodes –*